West Hartford Democrats Prepare for Fall Elections – 6/2/09

Extended content is available for this story. Click here to see the full, uncut interview with West Hartford Democratic Chairwoman Ray O’Toole and Mayor Scott Slifka.

Last week we began a series of stories about the upcoming municipal elections, starting with an interview with the Republican Town Committee Chairman. Now it’s the Democrats’ turn.

LocalOnlineNews.TV’s Anna Stonestreet met with West Hartford Democratic Chairwoman Rae O’Toole as well as Mayor Scott Slifka today to find out what their election plans are and where they see the party headed locally.

Watch our extended content with the full, uncut interview with O’Toole and Slifka answering questions about education, the contrast between Democrats and Republicans, and their goals for the next two years.

West Hartford Democrats
Full, Uncut Interview with West Hartford Democrats
West Hartford Republican Town Committee Interview



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