Budget Cuts May Close West Hartford’s Family Resource Center

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Governor M. Jodi Rell’s proposed budget cuts include a more than $6 million reduction in Connecticut’s Family Resource Centers (FRC’s), including one in West Hartford.

Family resource centers provide programming and other support resources for children and parents, including the West Hartford Public Libraries’ dual language kits we reported on last week.

A representative from Governor Rell’s office says the FRC’s are non-essential services that should be provided for by municipalities.

Bridge Family Center
Governor’s Office of Policy and Management
Governor Rell’s May 28th Budget Proposal
State Representative Andrew Fleischmann



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  • Kevin B. Sullivan

    There is plenty of room for state government to reduce state bureaucracy — not essential community services. Family Resource Centers are one of the best investments Connecticut makes. Every dollar spent on early childhood represents may multiples of that in avoided educational and social costs. This is not speculation. The proof is there for all to see. Having worked to add Charter Oak when I was in the State Senate, it would be pennywise and pound foolish to cut now.

  • Lynn Sadlon

    What Governor Rell and the OPM may not realize is that hundreds of Connecticut’s workers rely on Family Resource Centers for safe, affordable childcare so that they can work. These working parents are employed in some of our largest corporations and organizations such as UBS, United Technologies and UConn, as well as small businesses such as local dry cleaners, plumbing, maid and livery services. Many of these working parents are self-employed. Childcare is offered on a sliding scale to be affordable for all families.

    In her “No Tax Budget” address on May 28, Governor Rell proposed that her budget will allow Connecticut to “be a beacon of opportunity to businesses and employers. When businesses look for a prime location to put down roots, we want Connecticut to be the most attractive draw in the region.”

    Governor Rell and our local legislators will have some tough decisions in the weeks ahead. We ask them all to keep in mind that affordable childcare is also crucial to Connecticut business, its economy and its workers.

    Family Resource Centers provide affordable childcare. Connecticut’s workers depend on Family Resource Centers. FRCs should remain in the state budget.

  • http://localonlinenews.tv Monique Roy

    The State of CT government should not be cutting services for children. Essentially, if the FRCs close, it’s not only the parents that suffer, but the children as well. Will parents have to quit their jobs? Will children be left alone at home? It just doesn’t seem like this is the place to cut. I would like to see funding intact for FRCs.