Town Council Candidate Profile: Republican Denise Hall

Extended content is available for this story. Click here to see the full, uncut interview with Denise Hall to learn more about the issues she plans to address during the campaign.

The West Hartford Democrats and Republicans will nominate their candidates for the November 3rd election in the next two weeks. Continuing our election coverage, LocalOnlineNews.TV will be profiling two candidates for Town Council – one from each party. As the campaign progresses we will look at how each party plans to address specific issues facing West Hartford.

Our first profile is with Republican Denise Hall who is expected to be nominated at the West Hartford Republican nominating caucus on July 28th. Hall is a community volunteer and a Senior Vice President at Webster Bank in Hartford.

We will profile a Democratic candidate later this week.

Also be sure to catch our earlier stories with the leaders of both parties to hear about their plans for the upcoming election.

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