News Update from the Town Council

From the Town Council:

Children’s Holiday Party put smiles on 150 families:
On December 17th the Department of Human and Leisure Services held their annual Children’s Holiday Party at the Town Hall. Nearly 150 low-income families, including children ranging in age from two-months to 12 years, attended this event. Guests were treated to a pizza dinner (donated by the West Hartford Police Union), ice cream sundaes (donated and served by the Park Road Association) and pictures with Santa. The event was paid completely through donations and manned by 17 exceptional volunteers and the entire staff from the Division of Social Services.

Following the party, families were each given two bags of groceries and one gift card per child under the age of 16. The gift cards, which averaged about $25 per child, were from local stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Old Navy and Sears. Other generous contributors included:

Fire Fighter’s Association Union – $500 in gift cards
St. Thomas the Apostle Church – $5,150 in gift cards
Bethany Lutheran Church – $1,000 in gift cards
Town Hall and Board of Education employees (countless gift cards)

Christmas Tree collection begins
The annual Christmas tree collection began on Monday, January 4th in the Monday refuse collection area. The program will continue, weather permitting, until crews complete two passes of all eligible residential streets. Residents in the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday refuse collection areas should now have their Christmas trees at the curb. Christmas trees are ground and recycled into wood chips. Residents may also dispose of their trees at the Recycling Center, 25 Brixton Street, on Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 4 PM.

Winter fun at Rockledge
The winter trails are open at Rockledge Golf Club for walking, jogging, cross country skiing or snow shoeing. The trails begin and end at the pro shop, and range from 0.6 mile to 2.2 miles in distance. Each trail is clearly marked. Trail brochures are available in the Leisure Services Office and at the trail. The trails are open daily from dawn to dusk, and free parking is available in the Rockledge. Motorized vehicles of any kind are not allowed. Dogs are welcome but they must be leashed. Enjoy outdoor recreation this winter at Rockledge; it’s fun, healthy and free!

Hiring of police officers fairs well in 2009
The West Hartford Police Department hired nine new police officers in 2009 and had only three retirements, for a net gain of six new officers.



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