Conard Safe Graduation Announces Flocking Season!

From a press release:

It’s Flocking Season! Time to spruce up the lawn with bright color. Time to deliver a whimsical birthday surprise on the lawn of a friend, time to congratulate a soon-to-be graduate, time to welcome the arrival of a new baby, time to send a dynamic, message to your neighbors, time for celebration and cheer.

One easy phone call and 25 pink flamingos will be planted land on whatever lawn you choose. The artificial flock mysteriously appears overnight to surprise your designated recipient. One $25 donation to the Conard High School Safegrad fund, and your flock takes flight. After two days visit, the flock takes off on its journey to perk up another lawn.

Flocking graduates, neighbors, grandparents and friends is a contagious tradition started a few years ago as a fundraiser for the Safegrad celebration at Conard High School. Parents of senior students set up the flamingos at night to greet an unsuspecting recipient. The sender can attach a message or remain anonymous, adding to the fun as the happy friend guesses who might have sent the special delivery.

Anyone can send a flock to anyone in West Hartford. Originally the flocks were sent to graduating seniors from the high school, but the more the flocks were sighted around town, the faster the requests flew in to flock family, friends, new neighbors, colleagues. Flocking, as the custom is known, is not only a unique surprise, but the sender has the satisfaction of knowing he or she has helped a good cause.

Safegrad is a substance-free party held in each of the high schools on graduation night from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. The parties are funded completely through donations. Parents started organizing volunteers in November and work through graduation day to plan, decorate and chaperone the events. More than 370 seniors in the Class of 2010 will be attend free of charge in a night filled with entertainment, food, dancing, crafts and games.

Flocking is one of their many fundraisers. This year there is greater need than ever to raise funds for the Safegrad celebration, as the strained economy has made it impossible for many businesses and families to fully defray the costs of the graduation event, as was done in the past.

To send your flock merrily on its way to one or to several graduates, friends and neighbors, contact:

Conard Parents: Judy Poltorak 860-586-8631 or
JoAnn Lohneiss 860-561-9849 or



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