West Hartford Budget Referendum Tomorrow, June 15th

Voters will head to the polls tomorrow, June 15th, to vote on the town’s budget. The referendum comes after members of the West Hartford Taxpayers Association collected signatures to force the vote.

West Hartford First
West Hartford Taxpayer’s Association
Polling Locations



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  • anon

    If ARon is correct that the school budget has increased by 62% over ten years, perhaps a follow up story could cover some specifics on where those increases are occuring, and whether the comparison is corrected for inflation. Has the school population changed? Have state and federal mandates increased the budget? Has the state's share of educational funding decreased? Has technology changed over the last decade, adding costs that perhaps were not present before?

  • Liberal

    I KNEW THIS WOULD BECOME BIASED, REALLY FAST! Although, I'm an incredible liberal…it's unacceptable EITHER WAY.

  • LocalOnlineNews

    What part of this story do you consider biased? We gave each side an opportunity to express their point of view on this story.