Tax Day Protestors Gather at West Hartford Bank of America Branch

Protestors gathered on tax day outside the Bank of America Branch on North Main Street in West Hartford yesterday. The demonstrators, organized by the Connecticut Citizens Action Group, Connecticut Action Alliance for a Fair Economy, and, say that Bank of America did not pay any state or federal income taxes in 2009. The group also said Bank of America withheld loans from small businesses.

Bank of America, in a statement, disputed their claims:

“We take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen very seriously, and when we owe taxes we pay them. Over the last 10 years no company has paid more U.S. taxes than Bank of America.”

“With regard to small business lending, we continue to make every good loan we can—last year, we loaned $92 billion to small and medium-sized businesses nationwide, which is $10.5 billion more than in 2009. At the end of 2010, we had more than $1 billion in loan commitments to small businesses in Connecticut.”

Connecticut Action Alliance for a Fair Economy (Facebook Link)
White Paper from the CAAFFE report with Bank of America’s Reaction



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