Passwords Are No Longer Enough to Protect Your Email and Digital Life

Most people protect their email accounts with just a simple password that they may be using on more than one website. It’s time to start thinking about security differently: not only for our own privacy but also for securing information others communicate with us. takes a look at how you can secure your Google account to prevent unauthorized access with Google’s 2 step authentication. It’s easy and provides a much needed layer of additional security.


Connecticut Readies Its Healthcare Exchange

During the Affordable Care Act debate, you may have heard the term health care exchange come up. Exchanges are a key part of the law that its supporters hope will create a competitive marketplace where consumers and small businesses can compare and buy insurance. We take a closer look at Connecticut’s exchange that will be opening soon.

Hartford Working to Preserve the Colt Building

Driving through Hartford, you can’t help but notice that big, beautiful, blue dome. Look below it though and you see that it sits on a decrepit building.

But with new developers renovating the Colt armory building and the city of Hartford having a grand vision for it- the landscape will soon look very different. An effort is underway to have the Colt property recognized as a national park.

Adam Chiara spoke with Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra to learn more.

Congressman Larson Hosts Public Campaign Financing Forum in West Hartford

Holding a forum at West Hartford’s town hall, Congressman John Larson and Nick Nyhart of the Public Campaign Action Fund discussed why reforming money in politics is necessary. Nyhart says the the most startling fact that outlines this issue comes when looking at where winning members of congress get their money.

Connecticut Continues to Implement the Affordable Care Act

With the supreme court ruling that the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is constitutional, it means that big changes are coming. And like all Americans, Connecticut residents will soon start seeing how the law is going to directly affect them, if they havne’t already.

West Hartford Hopes to Attract a Hotel

In West Hartford’s well developed downtown, one open space stands out… But it may not for long. The town is taking proposals from hotel developers that want to build on the land which is owned my the town.

West Hartford is looking for a full -service hotel with about 120 rooms. Though the town already has the west hartford inn which is very close to the center, Rob Rowlson who is the community development director says a modern hotel in the center is needed.

A Video Tour of the SpaceX Launch Pad

CTTechJunkie toured the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station launch facility maintained by SpaceX. The tour was conducted a few days before the Falcon 9 rocket lifted off for the International Space Station.


Hartford Students to Launch Experiment to the Space Station Aboard SpaceX Dragon

Students from the University High School of Science and Engineering and the Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School in Hartford are sending a bone density experiment to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule May 19.

The University of Hartford is supporting the student project, providing tissue culture facilities and other supplies and equipment that the students did not have in their schools. University of Hartford Assistant professor of biology Aime Levesque is supporting the student project.


On Your Block: Jazz Music in Hartford

Looking for great jazz? You’ll find it in Hartford, Connecticut – even at the Hartford Public Library. This is the first On Your Block story from Adam Chiara and Sarah Miner.

Helping Loved Ones Find Help for Connecticut Veterans

Many veterans experience depression when returning from overseas, with some showing signs of being suicidal. While a veteran’s family and friends might notice these warning signs, they don’t always know how to approach the situation.

The Connecticut Department of Veteran Affairs recognizes this and has a new program called Coaching into Care. The program helps loved ones of veterans get help for those who need it.

Connecticut Veterans Affairs