Passwords Are No Longer Enough to Protect Your Email and Digital Life

Most people protect their email accounts with just a simple password that they may be using on more than one website. It’s time to start thinking about security differently: not only for our own privacy but also for securing information others communicate with us. takes a look at how you can secure your Google account to prevent unauthorized access with Google’s 2 step authentication. It’s easy and provides a much needed layer of additional security.


A Video Tour of the SpaceX Launch Pad

CTTechJunkie toured the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station launch facility maintained by SpaceX. The tour was conducted a few days before the Falcon 9 rocket lifted off for the International Space Station.


Hartford Students to Launch Experiment to the Space Station Aboard SpaceX Dragon

Students from the University High School of Science and Engineering and the Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School in Hartford are sending a bone density experiment to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule May 19.

The University of Hartford is supporting the student project, providing tissue culture facilities and other supplies and equipment that the students did not have in their schools. University of Hartford Assistant professor of biology Aime Levesque is supporting the student project.


Mars Curiosity in 60 Seconds

Learn about the Mars Curiosity Rover that NASA launched to the red planet on November 26, 2011. Read the full article and learn about Curosity’s Connecticut components at our partner site

Exclusive Footage: Space Shuttle Atlantis Landing and Tow Back shot exclusive FLIR infrared footage of Space Shuttle Atlantis’ final landing. Following the landing footage the team was able to watch Atlantis getting escorted back to its processing facility by the men and women who kept the orbiter functioning as new for the last three decades.

Interview with New England’s Astronaut Cady Coleman

Astronaut Cady Coleman, who recently returned from a 159 day flight on the International Space Station, talked to about the experience.

Coleman went to space aboard Space Shuttle Columbia in 1995 and again in 1999. On December 10, 2010 she flew aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket for her stay aboard the International Space Station. She returned to Earth in a Russian vehicle on May 23. A musician, she’s part of a band made up of two other Astronauts and a spouse of a third. She brought a number of flutes up to the International Space Station.

Interior Tour of Space Shuttle Discovery

Everything about visiting Space Shuttle Discovery in its Orbiter Processing Facility is a testament to the dedication it takes to keep the spacecraft – which was built in 1983 – looking and operating brand new.

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Lon & Doug traveled to the Kennedy Space Center last week to witness the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. The Shuttle had technical difficulties that are still being worked on, but the guys did visit upstart SpaceX to hear about how they plan to take astronauts into space by 2014.

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NASA Commercial Crew Development

Space Shuttle Heat Shield Demonstration

Jim Bolton, NASA Vehicle Manager for Space Shuttle Atlantis gives a demonstration on the shuttle’s heat shield tiles. visited NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour.