Hartford’s Billings Forge Farmers’ Market Brings Fresh Foods to Frog Hollow

The Billings Forge Farmers’ Market, established in 2007, brings locally grown fresh foods to the Frog Hollow section of Hartford. Find out more on their website: http://www.billingsforgeworks.org/

Saint Joseph College Receives Grant for Adult Education

Adults wanting to go to college will be happy to hear that the Saint Joseph’s weekend program for adult learners was just given a $25,000 grant for scholarship aid by the Hartford Foundation for public giving.

An Interview with Sesame Street’s Elmo!

Our partners at CTTechJunkie.com met up with Sesame Street’s Elmo at the Kennedy Space Center ahead of the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis. Elmo answered questions from CTTechJunkie’s readers.

Elizabeth Park’s Rose Garden in Full Bloom

Elizabeth Park’s rose garden is in full bloom. LocalOnlineNews.TV’s Lauren Meltzer stopped by to learn more about the park and its history.

Connecticut Residents Have Many Options to Recycle Old Electronics

New technology and gadgets are constantly coming on the horizon, and when the newest is in the oldest is out. But is there a danger in having all those old computers and cell phones sitting in our landfills? Adam Chiara looks at how these devices can get recycled safely.

Green Monster E-Cycling
CRRA Electronics Recycling Information

Tax Day Protestors Gather at West Hartford Bank of America Branch

Protestors gathered on tax day outside the Bank of America Branch on North Main Street in West Hartford yesterday. The demonstrators, organized by the Connecticut Citizens Action Group, Connecticut Action Alliance for a Fair Economy, and MoveOn.org, say that Bank of America did not pay any state or federal income taxes in 2009. The group also said Bank of America withheld loans from small businesses.

Bank of America, in a statement, disputed their claims:

“We take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen very seriously, and when we owe taxes we pay them. Over the last 10 years no company has paid more U.S. taxes than Bank of America.”

“With regard to small business lending, we continue to make every good loan we can—last year, we loaned $92 billion to small and medium-sized businesses nationwide, which is $10.5 billion more than in 2009. At the end of 2010, we had more than $1 billion in loan commitments to small businesses in Connecticut.”

Connecticut Action Alliance for a Fair Economy (Facebook Link)
White Paper from the CAAFFE
CTNewsJunkie.com report with Bank of America’s Reaction

Connecticut Public Broadcasting Braces for Potential Budget Cuts

Connecticut Public Broadcasting may soon see their budget reduced. Adam Chiara spoke with WNPR’s John Dankosky to find out how potential federal cuts might impact Connecticut programming.

Connecticut Public Broadcasting

West Hartford Has Two Youth Baseball Leagues, Hartford Struggles to Have One

It’s the tale of two cities. While West Harford has two competing leagues, Harford is struggling to just keep one.

Read more about the Hartford situation from the Hartford Courant’s Rick Green’s.

The Torrington Register Citizen Opens its Newsroom to the World

Torrington residents can now grab their morning coffee and newspaper in the new open newsroom at the Register Citizen newspaper. ;Editors broadcast their daily newsroom meetings to the world via their website and encourage residents to take part in the news gathering process.

Torrington Register Citizen

Bushnell Park Foundation Begins Effort to Restore Benches

Bushnell Park is America’s first public park, and a symbol of Hartford. And though the park looks beautiful for being over one hundred and fifty years old, the benches have seen better days. A new effort is underway to restore them.

Bushnell Park Foundation