Exclusive Interview with “Pawn” Producer Jeff Most About Shooting a Movie in West Hartford

West Hartford may not have the Hollywood sign, but it does have lights,cameras, and action going on inside what was once a Friendly’s restaurant in the town’s center. The movie being filmed is an action thriller called Pawn and has stars like Michael Chiklis, Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta and Nikki Reed. A major reason the high profile film is being shot in Connecticut is because of the tax credits the state offers movie makers.

LocalOnlineNews.TV was granted an exclusive interview with Pawn’s producer Jeff Most to find out why they chose West Hartford as a shooting location.

Pawn is scheduled to be released in 2013.

Brew Your Own Holiday Gifts in Southington

If you want to go beyond bringing that store-bought bottle of wine to your next holiday party, try making your own. Sarah Miner checks out the Cork and Brew in Southington. The shop helps customers make their own beer, wine, and sodas.

Mars Curiosity in 60 Seconds

Learn about the Mars Curiosity Rover that NASA launched to the red planet on November 26, 2011. Read the full article and learn about Curosity’s Connecticut components at our partner site CTTechJunkie.com.

West Hartford’s A Hand Up Helps the Homeless Transition to New Homes

West Hartford’s A Hand Up helps the homeless transition to new homes by accepting donations of furniture and other household goods. They will pick goods up from your home, but bringing donations to their location helps them save money on fuel and transportation.

The Connecticut International Autoshow Returns to Hartford

Rolling into Connecticut in high gear, the Connecticut International Auto Show began its weekend showing at the convention center in Hartford. Governor Malloy and DEEP Commissioner Esty were some of the first spectators. Malloy stressed the importance of the auto industry in the state.

Connecticut International Autoshow

Tensions Flare at West Hartford Gas Station

If you’re sick of high gas prices- now you can complain about long lines too. The rare October snowstorm has done more than just knock out power and damage property- it’s caused a scramble to find an open gas station. And when you do find one like this Sunoco near the corner of Farmington Avenue and Prospect street in West Hartford, the lines can be ugly.

Protesters Occupy Hartford

Occupy Hartford protesters have set up camp at Turning Point Park in Hartford at the corner of Broad Street and Farmington Ave. Approximately 20 protesters are living at the site full time, with others coming and going throughout the week.

But the small group faces a big problem- most passing by have no clue what Organize Hartford is doing. A telling sign is that no one near would comment on the protest because they had no idea what was going on. This includes residents from capitol view, the apartment building across the street.

CrossFit High Intensity Workouts Gaining Popularity here in Connecticut and Nationwide

This workout isn’t your jog in the park, but then again, CrossFit athletes wouldn’t want to have it any other way. CrossFit is a work out program that combines strength and cardio training, and uses full body and high intensity movements. Athletes had a chance to put their skills to the test by competing in the Beast of the East recently at the Durham Fair Grounds.

The iQuilt Plan to Redesign Downtown Hartford

Walking, culture and innovation- these are the cornerstones of the iQuilt project- a plan which will redesign downtown Hartford. iQuilt is in the early stages, but the vision of turning Hartford into a tourist destination is already in place.

The Incredible Indian Festival Comes to Hartford

Hartford’s Incredible India Festival is an all day tribute to Indian music, dance, food, handicrafts and culture. It took place in Hartford on September 18, 2011.