CrossFit High Intensity Workouts Gaining Popularity here in Connecticut and Nationwide

This workout isn’t your jog in the park, but then again, CrossFit athletes wouldn’t want to have it any other way. CrossFit is a work out program that combines strength and cardio training, and uses full body and high intensity movements. Athletes had a chance to put their skills to the test by competing in the Beast of the East recently at the Durham Fair Grounds.

West Hartford Ready for Potential Swine Flu Outbreak : Updated With Extended Content – 4/29/09

Extended Content is available for this story. Click Here to see a full length interview with Dr. C. Steven Wolf, Director of Emergency Medicine at Saint Francis Hospital.

Swine flu is a new term we’ve all heard a lot about in the last few days. Though it has a peculiar name, it is very similar to other flu strains and the same preventative measures apply. You won’t get it from eating pork, but you could catch it from being in contact with someone who is infected. There is no vaccine, so everyone is susceptible.

West Hartford officials are ready.

As this piece is published there were no confirmed cases of swine flu in Connecticut, although since this piece was published a number of cases have been confirmed.

Find out what the state has planned in Governor Rell’s press release from Tuesday.

The West Hartford/Bloomfield Department of Health can be found online here.