West Hartford Kiwanis Club Hosts “Lose the Training Wheels”

Riding a bike is a rite of passage for children, but for some kids the freedom that comes with riding a bike is difficult to achieve.

Lose the Training Wheels is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities learn to ride a conventional bicycle. This week they are in West Hartford in partnership with the West Hartford Kiwanis Club to teach local children how to ride on two wheels. Hall High School is host site for the week long camp.

Thirty-eight campers come throughout the day in shifts to work with volunteers. By the end of the week nearly all campers are typically able to ride a bicycle by themselves.

Parents who have been helping their children learn the skill for a while are surprised at how quickly their kids can learn to ride a bike with modifications made by Lose the Training Wheels. For the campers, the confidence that comes with learning something they thought impossible can be life changing.

Lose the Training Wheels is an international organization running camps all year. The Kiwanis plan on funding the camp again next year.

Lose the Training Wheels
West Hartford Kiwanis Club